About Goldenschild

At Goldenschild, our primary focus is preservation of capital and steady, long-term growth.

In a day and age of highly volatile markets, declining public confidence, and unstable global economies, there has never been a time in history where investing your money could be quite a difficult experience.

Balancing opportunity and risk, both in the short term and long term, could prove too much to handle for the individual investor who does not possess the time and energy needed to evaluate, analyze, and predict where the markets are moving.

It is imperative to understand both the fundamental global issues and technical economic aspects that impact the markets today.  This is the essential key that is needed to be successful at implementing a strategic system to achieve wealth from any market.

Being an expert in one particular industry, sector, or asset class is not enough to stay ahead of the ever changing global markets.  This is why at Goldenschild, we continually strive to develop, evolve, and provide safe investment strategies that correlates well with any type of market environment and condition.

Our goal at Goldenschild is to generate a consistent monthly return on investment of 10-15% by trading in a few specialized markets.  Our partnership with Swissquote Bank, the largest Swiss bank specializing in online Forex trading, ensures that all client accounts and funds are secured, insured, and transparent.  Regulated by FINMA (the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority), Swissquote Bank guarantees the highest integrity of Swiss banking for all our clients.

In this brochure, we hope to give you a new perspective and an opportunity on how to protect, diversify, and grow your assets.
We thank you for expressing interest in Goldenschild and look forward to work with you in safely building wealth and securing your future.

Investing in an uncertain market can be tough, but there will always be opportunities.

At Goldenschild, we provide client asset management in investments within a limited number of specialized, niche markets where we believe the potential rewards outweighs the risks immensely.

In the short term, it is nearly impossible to predict exactly when these undervalued investment vehicles will reach its intended true market value.  However, given enough time, the true market value of the investments is almost always realized in the long term.  Patience is an important factor to safely build wealth.

All our long term investment strategies and tactics strictly follows our core trading philosophy that includes:

Uncompromising Risk Management
Consistent Profits
Macro-Economic Forecasting
Benefits of Market Inefficiency
Removal of Market Noise
Robust & Flexible System Parameters

We believe that producing attractive returns with minimal risk can only be achieved by specializing in inefficient markets that can be smartly exploited.  At Goldenschild, we strive for superior return on your investments; however our main priorities are protection of capital, profit consistency, and out-performance during hard times.  Knowledge, experience, and confidence are the key elements necessary for successful wealth management.