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Additional Account Advantages

Fast & Reliable Order Executions

Goldenschild's expert team of systems personnel and information technology managers has dedicated themselves to making sure that, under normal market conditions, all trade order flows are executed at the fastest, optimal speed and efficiency at all times.  In a day and age where speed is a deciding factor of successful trading, there is no compromising the importance of having a robust server facility and professional personnel to manage it.  Innovative technology, speed, and redundancy are the key factors making Goldenschild's trading infrastructure safe, secure, and reliable.

Rollover Interest

Goldenschild's partner, Swissquote Bank, offers rollover interest to all investment accounts.  Rollover interest is the amount that is either paid or debited from trading positions that are held over night.  Trading positions opened before 5 pm. EST and held until after this time, are considered to be held overnight. Swissquote Bank automatically rollovers overnight trades so that trading positions can be left open without having the account holder to actually deliver the currency to the party of the other side of the trade on T+2 settlement day.  

Whether a credit or debt is applied to the account depends on the interest rate of the base currency's country in relation to the interest rate of the quote currency's country.  For example, the currency pair USD/JPY (United States Dollar / Japanese Yen) is bought.  This means that USD is bought while JPY is being sold.  In this example, the United States Dollar has a higher interest rate (2%) than the Japanese Yen (0.5%), which means that the account will be credited 1.5% a year unleveraged.  Conversely, if the trading position was to sell the Yen and buy the USD, the account will be debited 1.5% a year unleveraged.

In summary, an account will be paid interest each day if the open trading positions are holding the higher interest-bearing currency or will be debited each day if the positions are holding the lower interest-bearing currency.