Advantages ยป Professional Trading Platforms

Professional Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4

Swissquote Bank is pleased to offer Goldenschild the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.  MT4 is, an award winning, professional trading platform designed to provide a wide range of functionalities and features that aids Goldenschild in managing our clients' investments successfully.  Market analysis and charting software are both infused into the same interface allowing our trading techniques and system parameters to be more streamlined and efficient.

Meta trader 4
The key features to using MetaTrader 4 as our official trading platform are:
  •     Fast and reliable market orders.
  •     Hedging capabilities.
  •     Access to Swissquote Bank's vast liquidity network.
  •     Exclusive technical support for Goldenschild.
  •     Tight Forex spreads.
  •     100% transparency.

Mobile Trader

The Mobile Trader is a trading application provided to us by Swissquote Bank.  It is a mobile version of the MetaTrader 4 platform and provides us with quick access to all the same trading tools as the computer based MT4 software.  The Mobile Trader allows Goldenschild to manage all client account activities via portable mobile devices such as smartphones, PDAs, and tablets.  With the convenience of the Mobile Trader App, Goldenschild can keep up with the market's latest developments, analyze them, and conduct trading for our clients anywhere and anytime.