Why Goldenschild?

Why Goldenschild?

Goldenschild offers all our Clients:

1)  Professional portfolio asset management utilizing Goldenschild's track record proven investment strategies.

In a day and age of highly volatile markets, declining public confidence, and unstable global economies, there has never been a time in history where investing your money could be quite a difficult experience.

Balancing opportunity and risk, both in the short term and long term, could prove too much to handle for the individual investor who does not possess the time and energy needed to evaluate, analyze, and predict where the markets are moving.  It is imperative to understand both the fundamental global issues and technical economic aspects that impact the markets today.  This is the essential key that is needed to be successful at implementing a strategic system to achieve wealth from any market.

Goldenschild has long been recognized for its disciplined investment strategies and rigorous bottom-up approach to risk management.  Our mission is to continuously evolve our investment strategies to minimize portfolio risk, safeguard capital, and consistently grow your funds.

2)  Steady return on investments (10-15% per month) with uncompromising risk management.

Goldenschild offers asset management in a few specialized markets that adheres to our strict trading philosophy of:

  • Uncompromising Risk Management
  • Consistent Profits
  • Macro-Economic Forecasting
  • Benefits of Market Inefficiency
  • Removal of Market Noise
  • Robust & Flexible System Parameters

3)  Take advantage of investing in the world's largest and most liquid decentralized financial market.

The Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market is a 24 hour, 6 days a week global market for the purpose of trading currencies. The infrastructure and synergy from the Goldenschild and Swissquote Bank partnership provides our clients the safest and most effective way to reap rewards from the Forex market.

The major benefits of investing in the Forex market include: 24 hour market, high liquidity, high leverage, no commissions, low spreads, and profit regardless of market direction.

Goldenschild specializes in the spot market of Forex and focuses trading in the following major FX pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD.

4)  Safe Third Party Custody of your funds: All your funds are deposited into your bank account at Swissquote Bank, a Switzerland FINMA regulated Bank.

Since our inception, Goldenschild has focused on the need to securely manage and grow our clients' investment portfolios, as well as provide all our clients the convenience and transparency they deserve.  This is why Goldenschild has partnered with Swissquote Bank, the largest Swiss bank specializing in online Forex trading,  ensuring that all client accounts and funds are secured, insured, and transparent.  Regulated by FINMA (the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority), Swissquote Bank guarantees the highest integrity of Swiss banking for all our clients.

Goldenschild Asset Management has no direct access to any of your funds.  Your funds are safely secured in your Swissquote Bank account.  Through the Power-of-Attorney contract, Goldenschild only manages your trading account portfolio on your behalf.

5)  Easy Access to your Funds: The ability to freely withdraw part or all of your investment funds from your Swissquote Bank account at anytime, with no penalties at all.

We believe that clients should have the freedom and flexibility of enjoying liquidity with their funds.  Goldenschild's clients can withdraw part or all of their investment funds at any time with no penalty.  Although we advise our clients to invest for the long-term, we also understand the importance and luxury of instant access to your funds at anytime.