I don't know anything about the Forex market.  Can I still benefit from Goldenschild Asset Management's Managed Accounts service?

Yes.  Even without any prior knowledge or trading experience about the Forex market, you could still benefit from Goldenschild Asset Management services.  Our managed accounts are catered for the individual investor who does not possess the time and energy needed to evaluate, analyze, and predict where the markets are moving.

 How exactly do Goldenschild Asset Management Managed Accounts work?

Please see Goldenschild's Trading System for an overview of how our robust trading systems work.

 How do Goldenschild Asset Management Managed Accounts minimize risk?

Multiple loss reduction techniques and extensive trade management tools are used to control and manage risk on every trade.  Please see our risk management philosophy for details.

 Where will my managed account be set up?

Your investment account will be set up with Swissquote Bank, the largest Swiss bank specializing in online Forex trading and is regulated by FINMA (the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority).

 Does Goldenschild Asset Management have access to my money?

No.  Goldenschild Asset Management does not have direct access to any of your funds and cannot transfer, deposit, or withdraw any your money.  Your funds are safely secured in your Swissquote Bank account.  Swissquote Bank will clear and handle all of your transfers, deposits, and withdrawals.  Through the Limited Power-of-Attorney contract, Goldenschild only manages your trading account on your behalf.

 What is the minimum amount I can invest with Goldenschild Asset Management?

The minimum investment for Goldenschild Asset Management's Managed Accounts is $10.000 USD.  (Please see Low Minimum Deposit).

 Do you allow compounding?

Yes, compounding of your investment is allowed.  However, in order to protect your investment capital (especially your initial deposit), we highly advise our clients to make some kind of withdrawal of net profits every month.

 Can I withdraw my money and close my account any time I want?

Yes.  There is no time commitment on your part.  You may withdraw or add funds to your account at any time.  All fund transfers, deposits, or withdrawals are handled by Swissquote Bank directly.  However, before doing any such actions, we advise you contact and notify us of your plans.

*Withdrawing a substantial amount of funds out of your account without notifying your Goldenschild account manager will affect your earnings performance or potentially disrupt trades that are in progress.

 Is there anything for me to do after I set up my account to trade?

No.  Your trading account will be professionally and safely managed by Goldenschild Asset Management. 

 What is the management fee for Goldenschild Asset Management's Managed Accounts?

Please read Our Solutions page for more information on our services and fees.

 How will I pay fees for the Managed Accounts service?

Fee payments will be made directly from your trading account.  After signing the PICPF form, you will give Swissquote Bank permission to take out the fees from your trading account.

 Who can apply for Goldenschild Asset Management's Managed Account service?

Please read our Eligible Countries page for more information on account eligibility.

 How do I open an account and get started?

Please go to the Open Account page for complete instructions on how to apply for a Goldenschild Asset Management account.  Or feel free to contact us via phone or email and a Goldenschild representative will be happy to assist you through the process.

Should you have questions that are not answered above, please Contact Us.

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