Our approach ยป Robust System Parameters

Robust System Parameters

Goldenschild's trading system was never forcefully optimized to fit into a market or a set of market conditions, but is applied equally to all markets in all time frames.  Our robust trading system and strategies stay away from the common practice known as "curve fitting".

Curve fitting is the use of optimization to create the highest number of winning trades at the greatest profit using historical data collected during the testing phase of a trading system.  Although the back-testing results may seem impressive, curve fitting leads to unrealistic projected profits and unreliable trading systems since the results are custom-fitted specifically for a particular data and time period.

A robust trading system with adaptive parameters must not require re-optimization to be successful.  Goldenschild's trading system utilizes custom indicators and parameters that adapt to fast changing market conditions.  The synergy of high market volatility and non-optimized curve fitting parameters are the necessary requirements for above average, long term capital growth.