Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that all high quality investment products should be consistent in their strategic approach and discipline.  Being an expert in one particular industry, sector, or asset class is not enough to stay ahead of the ever changing global markets.  This is why at Goldenschild, we continually strive to develop, evolve, and provide a safe investment strategy that correlates well with any type of market environment and condition. 

At Goldenschild, we provide client asset management in investments within a limited number of specialized, niche markets where we believe the potential rewards outweighs the risks immensely.  In the short term, it is nearly impossible to predict exactly when these undervalued investment vehicles will reach its intended true market value.  However, given enough time, the true market value of the investments is almost always realized in the long term.  Patience is an important factor to safely build wealth.

All our long term investment strategies and tactics strictly follows our core trading philosophy that includes:

Uncompromising Risk Management
Superior performance in any managed portfolio would not be possible without the proper implementation of strict risk management.  By taking minimal risk in all our investment strategies, we aim for superior returns in your portfolio without compromising the safety of your investment capital.  This is why, at Goldenschild, we place preventing losses and minimizing market exposure our highest priority.

Consistent Profits
It is our belief that a portfolio with an investment strategy that is steady and safe will always out-perform a portfolio that produces huge gains, but followed by uncontrollable losses.  Stable, controlled growth will lead to a more secured path to reaping the rewards of new trading and investment opportunities.

Macro-Economic Forecasting
In order to anticipate where the global financial markets are heading, one must fully understand the world economies as a whole.  Therefore, our investment strategic systems are built entirely from the ground up.  Our research emphasizes on global market supply and demand, international trade and law, inflation and interest rates forecast to name a few.

Benefits of Market Inefficiency
In "efficient” markets, where large numbers of market participants share equal access to the same market information, the "knowledge advantage" is diluted and the edge needed to produce profits is lost.  An inefficient market provides a great opportunity for investments due to the scarcity of information flow and it within these markets that Goldenschild excels in.  We believe that producing attractive returns with minimal risk can only be achieved by specializing in these inefficient markets that can be smartly exploited.

Removal of Market Noise
Filtering the market from irrelevant information and movements are just as important as deciphering what the market wants to do.  Correct perfect timing of when to enter the markets is nearly impossible to achieve however, predicting where the markets are heading is greatly possible.  The key is to take full advantage of an investment situation when the markets offer us an attractive price to enter.

Robust & Flexible System Parameters
At Goldenschild, we consider strict money management techniques to be the absolute, most crucial element that defines success in a trading system and to produce profitable trading results.  Our trading system is designed to keep the initial risk on any given trade constant using a calculated measure of inter-market volatility.  We have developed our trading system to utilize a volatility based algorithm to determine the optimal position size for all trades preventing any over exposure in the markets and ultimately minimize risk in the overall portfolio.  At Goldenschild, we believe that since the markets are always evolving, so should our trading system be as well.  We emphasize the importance of our system to not only be robust, but to also be flexible enough to correlate well with the changing dynamics of any given market.

At Goldenschild, we strive for superior return on your investments; however our main priorities are protection of capital, profit consistency, and out-performance during hard times.  Knowledge, experience, and confidence are the key elements necessary for successful wealth management.  It is our humble ambition to provide the highest quality, customized investment service tailored for our private investors.